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I purchased a box of b/w prints, a while ago. Initially, they seemed rather unexciting, but on closer inspection there are some decent images. Here are a few…

cravens 3-car notts 1960s copy-1.jpg

These Cravens 3-car units of class 105 were built for the Birmingham – Derby – Leicester – Nottingham local services, but the centre cars (M59307-M59325) were all withdrawn in 1967/8 leaving the remaining cars to operate as power twins. I am not sure of the location, but the destination blind reads ‘Nottingham’.

e50999 southminster 1960s copy-1.jpg

The class 125s are often referred to as ‘Lea Valley’ units, because they were built primarily for that route, but could be found as far east as Southminster – as witnessed by E50999 seen here as part of a 6-car formation. Unfortunately, they had Orange Star coded controls, which meant they were unable to work with any other units; apart from possibly E50000/E56000, but that was at Lincoln. They all had hydraulic transmission.

e50186 whitby west cliff copy-1.jpg

Many of the earliest Metro-Cammell units were ‘yellow diamond’ control and were early casualties of the unit grim reaper, but a batch of 4-car units were built for NE England and became part of the ‘blue square’ class 101 family. Here is E50186 at Whitby West Cliff on a service to Scarborough.

cressing cravens 1950s copy-1.jpg

Another Cravens unit on the Witham – Braintree branch at Cressing.

IMG_0856 copy-1.jpg

E79051 arrives at North Walsham with a Norwich bound service. 

Many thanks to Russell Pigott for identifying the location of this photo.

e79126 harwich branch early 60s copy-1.jpg

E79126 is seen on the Harwich Branch. These Derby lightweight units were introduced in 1955, but had been taken out of service by 1969.

IMG_0159 copy-1.jpg

Another Derby lightweight, on a rural branch service in deepest Suffolk/Essex.

cravens dmu sudbury branch copy-1.jpg

A 2-car Cravens unit on a service to Sudbury in Suffolk.