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Many thanks to all those who took the trouble to visit this site over the weekend; the bandwidth stats are appreciated – and because today (28th) was officially the last day 40 years ago, I have dug out a few more slides, although a few might benefit from a re-scan.


100117 D1054 47028 50049 PAD 5.10.76 copy.jpg

D1054, 47028 and 50049 at Paddington; 5th October 1976



100138  D1010 D1033 47531 50018 OC 13.3.76  copy.jpg

D1010 and D1033 at Old Oak Common, together with 47531 and 50018; 13th March 1976.



100196 D1022 9.10.76 copy.jpg

D1022 arrives at Cardiff with what I believe to be a Taunton service on October 9th 1976.



d10xx newport 197x copy-1.jpg

An unidentified member of the class arrives at Newport in 1973.



100208 D1048 PLY 18.10.76 copy.jpg

D1048 at the west end of Plymouth station on 18th October 1976.



100190 D1009 PAD 5.10.76 copy.jpg

D1009 photographed across the Paddington platforms; 5th October 1976.



d1022 bodmin rd 2.10.75 copy.jpg

D1022 again, this time at Bodmin Road on 2nd October 1975.



D1051 CF 1976 copy-1.jpg

D1051 running around its train at Cardiff in 1976.



d1036 ranelagh br 1970s copy-1.jpg

D1036 at Ranelagh Bridge in 1973. The number of the Western on the right is not too clear but looks like D1017.



d1030 d811 taunton 1968 copy-1.jpg

Taking photos towards the sun does not usually pay off but, given the subject matter, is acceptable after almost 50 years. D1030 and D811 wait at Taunton in 1968, with 1C30 and 1V30 respectively.



d1019 tiverton junc 1967 copy-1.jpg

Finally, this poor quality of D1019 on freight train at Tiverton Junction in 1967, is the only one I have of this loco; so I thought – what the heck?