A few more images from over half a century ago on the Eastern Region.


K3 2-6-0 61829 waits at Grimsby with a local passenger service on 1st July 1961. This class of ex-LNER locomotive was one of the first on the ER to be decimated by the arrival of diesels. Out of a class of almost 200 engines, about a dozen were withdrawn in 1959, but 1962 was the year of the ‘slaughter’; with 123 condemned in that year alone (including 61829 seen below).

s61829 grimsby 1.7.61 copy.jpg



K1 2-6-0 is seen on Doncaster shed, along with 90079 and uid others, on 2nd May 1965. An LNER design, all of these were built in BR days (mainly in 1949); but were another class to have short working lives. A few managed 18 years, but for some it was less than 14.

s62056 90279 doncaster 2.5.65 copy.jpg



Two J15 0-6-0s 65420 and 65474 are seen at March shed in September 1959. 65420 was built in 1892, making it 67 years old at this time; 65474 was a mere ‘youngster’ of 1913 vintage.

s65420 65474 march 9.59 copy.jpg


A rather grainy image of Britannia pacific 70054 ‘Dornoch Firth’ at Nottingham Victoria in October 1965. This is quite a rare shot because after many years a Scottish loco, it spent most of the rest of its pitifully short 12 year life at Holbeck and Crewe, and only had Oct-Dec 1965 at Banbury shed; before the entire (surviving members) class was summoned to Kingmoor.

s70054 nott vic 10.65 copy.jpg



The shape of things to come at Sandy in 1961. An early EE Type4 heads The Master Cutler, to Sheffield.

sandy d20* master cutler 1961 copy-1.jpg