At half term in February 1969 (it is almost impossible for me to believe this is 48 years ago now  !?! ) I decided to treat myself to a train journey, probably paid for with money kept since Christmas.

I even took my camera. It was a frosty but sunny spring sunrise when I set off early in the morning and my intention was to spend the day at Derby, rather than my usual haunt of Nottingham.

In those days I did not keep a precise record of exactly where I saw locos while I was actually travelling. “Between station A and station B” sufficed. However, I have listed my sightings below under the most logical large station. (I obviously had a downer on class 114 units, having cleared the class 7 years earlier – and none are mentioned; not even the ones I travelled on)


D1767 D1862

D5625 D5646

D9004 D9008 D9013 D9020


D20 D116 D163

D3034 D3058 D3363 D3511 D3514 D3852

D7501 D7518 D7530 D7656

D8040 D8152 D8153 D8155 D8170 D8184

M50497 M50626 M50770 M50765 M56211 M59318


D33 D43 D44 D47 D62 D69 D71 D80 D144 D156

D1508 D1632 D1790

D3037 D3246 D3472 D3577 D3997

D5223 D5223 D5228 D5233 D5268 D5298 D7505 D7525 D7528 D7623 D7657



D8141 D8147 D8190 D8195

M50499 M50673 M50773 M59313

It was sunny at Derby, but after about 45 minutes nothing was happening and a train arrived in the platform next to me, bound for Crewe; so I thought ‘what the heck…’ and got on it.

D156 awaits departure from Derby 17th Feb 1969.

b&w1034 copy.jpg

The only large intermediate station was Stoke On Trent where I saw –

D3055 D3471 D3484 D3798 D3799 D3800

D5030 D5031 D5041 D5044 D5077 D5088 D5137 D5236

E3087 E3121 E3163 E3199

304010 310088

Despite the spring-like weather at Derby, there were a couple of inches of snow on the ground at Crewe, and thick grey cloud.

b&w1020 copy.jpg

b&w1022 copy.jpg

However, the almost non-stop procession of trains more than made up for that.

This is the Crewe list –

D208 D230 D233 D241 D305 D306 D309 D318 D351 D395

D414 D440 D443 D445

D1108 D1508 D1540 D1543 D1591 D1601 D1643 D1657 D1717 D1742 D1749 D1750  D1795 D1846 D1856 D1859 D1954 D1964 D1975

D3082 D3292 D3247 D3467 12066

D5003 D5021 D5190 D7634

E3004 E3008 E3033 E3061 E3063 E3065 E3067 E3076 E3068 E3081 E3086 E3088 E3089 E3093 E3095 E3102 E3114 E3118 E3128 E3137 E3140 E3143 E3148 E3149 E3152 E3169 E3175 E3180 E3198

M50407 M50767 M50790 M56112 M50358 M59316

304013 304014 304034 304038 304041 304044

b&w1013 copy.jpg


Sadly, my thumb got in the way of this photo of D445

b&w1025 copy.jpg