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My parents holidayed in Bournemouth three times in the 1960s. Unfortunately, I had no camera at the time. My father has few photos of Eastleigh Open Day, but they are tucked away in drawer somewhere at his house.

However, I loved the station with its extra long westbound platform giving a view across to the shed. With bridges at both ends of the station, it is ideal for a model but having an ER background I feel I would make too many mistakes.

Anyhow, back to the 1960s. My mother would go shopping and my father would accompany my brother and I onto the station. The only problem he had was getting me to leave again. I have purchased various slides to remind me of those days.



s35022 belle BM 7.64 copy.jpg

The extent of the down platform can be seen as 35022 ‘Holland America Line’ leaves for West station with the Bournemouth Belle in what the slide details give as July 1964. The spire of St. Paul’s Church dominates the background. However, the spire was struck by lightning and became unsafe, so was removed during 1963, which would date this photo as somewhat earlier.



s34003 BM 6.58  copy.jpg

This was the view from a little further up the platform; – bliss. In this June 1958 shot a uid Standard 4-6-0 is on shed with 34003 ‘Plymouth’.



s30031 BM 9.62 copy.jpg

M7 0-4-4T 30031 moves around the east side of the shed. It was all very cramped, and too much noise or black smoke would provoke complaints from upmarket neighbours across the road.



s34022 BM 9.62 copy.jpg

34022 ‘Exmoor’ leaves Central station towards the west in September 1962.



s35011 BM 9.62 copy.jpg

35011 ‘General Steam Navigation’ is pictured in the shed yard during September 1962. Once again with St Pauls’ spire in evidence. As with most things these days, the entire church was eventually demolished to make way for a dual carriageway and an Asda supermarket. The shed site is now the station car park.



s30548 30110 BM 9.62 copy.jpg

Another September 1962 view towards the shed sees Maunsell Q class 0-6-0 30548, a long time Bournemouth resident in BR years. Just visible is the bunker of M7 30110. The distant main station building on the extreme right illustrates just how long the westbound platform was/is.



s30112 BM 9.62 copy.jpg

Another M7 0-4-4T 30112 is busy shunting empty stock. Many services split here at the station with a portion going forward to Weymouth. September 1962.



s30087 s30107 BM 6.58 copy.jpg

This June 1958 view towards the station shows the east end of the shed yard. On the left, with less than 6 months to go, is Adams B4 0-4-0T 30087 of 1891 vintage which is in charge of loco coal wagon duties; in the centre is M7 30107; and a Bulleid pacific is at the station platform.



s32349 BM 6.58 copy.jpg

Looking almost in the opposite direction on probably the same day in June 1958. The shed is host to a number of locos, including Billinton 2-6-0 32349.



s34053 BM 7.64 copy.jpg

At the east end of the station, 34052 ‘Sir Keith Park’ sets out for Southampton and Waterloo in July 1964.