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When, at the end of August 1969, I gave up trainspotting forever; it didn’t last long. Well, I did have a railway running behind my parents back garden, and the lure of stations was too much for me to go cold turkey.

So, when the following year’s holiday was spent at Windermere, I took the opportunity to buy a day return to Carlisle. Although, I have to admit that being ignorant of the freight avoiding lines and with virtually nothing happening in the first hour, I bought another ticket and ended up at Preston – a much more lively place.

As I did not take my camera, mainly because the weather was dull and wet, there are no photos from this adventure; but I rummaged through slides from a later date and came up with these images of electrics.




85005 CL 6.75 copy.jpg

85005 in June 1975.



85006 carlisle 13.8.83 copy.jpg

85006 on 13th August 1983.



86229 carlisle 1995 copy-1.jpg

86229 ‘Sir John Betjeman’ in 1995




86241_carl_18.10.84 copy.jpg

86241 leaves the station on 18th October 1984.



87001 carlisle 1990 copy-1.jpg

87001 awaits its next duty in 1990.



87021 and others Carlisle  copy-1.jpg

87021 leads a line of three 86s and another 87 in 1990.



90046 carlisle 1990 copy-1.jpg

90046 has been promoted to passenger duty, also in 1990.



86xxx carlisle  copy-1.jpg

An 86, 85 and 87 in 1986.