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My collection of transparencies/prints from unknown photographers includes many from Scotland; a country that (sadly) I never visited until my early 20s. My mother’s holiday requirement for sun, sea and sand in the 50s & 60s did not fit with the unpredictability of the Scottish weather, and I missed all the wonderful branch lines, plus the last years of the ex-LNER pacifics.

By the time I did get that far north, even the Claytons and NBL Type 2s had gone as well.

Here are some steam images just to illustrate part of what I was never destined to see.


s60851 76104 aberdeen 19.12.63 copy.jpg

Aberdeen station on 19th December 1963. Awaiting departure are 76104, 60851, and a uid B1.



s44234 inverurie 11.9.59 copy.jpg

4F 0-6-0 44234 poses when fresh out of Inverurie Works on 11th September 1959. I wonder how long it will remain in this condition. Only 3 more years to go at this point. The loco carries a St Rollox shedplate when the books say it had moved to Grangemouth 65F some months earlier.



s44794 gleneagles 28.5.66 copy.jpg

A clean Black 5 44794 leaves Gleneagles with an eastbound passenger train on 28th May 1966.



s45472 inverness 7.55 copy.jpg

Another Black 5 45472 departs Inverness in July 1955.



s46247 beattock 4.6.60 copy.jpg

46247 ‘City Of Liverpool’ climbs Beattock on 4th June 1960, and seems to be making light work of the gradient with an 8 coach train.



s54495 dingwall 23.6.61 copy.jpg

With only 9 months to withdrawal CR 4-4-0 appears to be in good condition as it waits in the sunshine at Dingwall for its next duty. 23rd October 1961.



s60532 dundee 9.65 copy.jpg

Climbing past Dundee shed with a fitted van train in September 1965, Peppercorn pacific 60532 ‘Blue Peter’ would give BR another 15 months service until withdrawal at the end of 1966, and then proceed to a much longer life in preservation than the almost 19 years it managed on the national railway.