Only the first 10 were named after mountains in England and Wales, but the name seemed to stick and the whole class were referred to by that nickname in most parts. Here are a few of the 45/0 variants.

45010 approaches York on 4th August 1983.

45010 york 4_8_83.jpg

45022 is at Cardiff Central in summer 1978.

45022 CF 1978.jpg

45040 is undergoing routine servicing inside Toton depot in October 1983.

45040 TO 10_83.jpg

45053 appears to be withdrawn at Crewe Works, probably in 1984.

45053 cd .jpg

45064 climbs past Ais Gill summit on the Settle-Carlisle route early in 1982.

45064 ais gill 1982.jpg

45082 shunts around Severn Tunnel Junction in October 1983.

45082 STJ 10_83.jpg