Some years ago I bought a box of colour prints online. They all have date and location details on the reverse, but no clue to the original photographer.

They provide a great record of BR rail operations from 60-65 years ago when the pace of everything was slower; and I have only vague childhood memories of that time.

Here are a few of them:-


5065 ‘Newport Castle’ speeds through Southall with a westbound passenger train on October 25th 1959.



s5065 southall 25.10.59 copy.jpg


L1 2-6-4T 67764 at Whitby West Cliff on a local passenger service in May 1958.

s67764 whitby w cliff 5.58 copy.jpg


BR Standard 2-6-0 76011 heads a local passenger train near Cole in Somerset on June 19th 1959.


s76011 cole somerset 19.6.59 copy.jpg


King Arthur class 4-6-0 30452 ‘Sir Meliagrance’ at Exeter Central on June 29th 1957.

s30452 exeter cent 29.6.57 copy.jpg


0-6-0 57667 on Oban shed in July 1959.

s57667 oban 7.59 copy.jpg


ex-LMS pacific 46232 ‘Duchess Of Montrose’ outside Crewe Works after an overhaul in March 1959. (Sadly, at this time the loco had just over three and a half years to go).

s46232 crewe wks 3.59 copy.jpg


ex-LNER pacific 60020 ‘Guillemot’ leaving York in March 1957.

s60020 york 3.57 copy.jpg