100154 D1013 RG 7:6:76.jpgu55027 55020 RG 6:85.jpg59003 RG 7:87.jpg47082 RG 1976.jpg47014 RG 3:76.jpg

I also spent a lot of time at Reading station, and have numerous photos of the passing trains. Occasionally they had a trainspotter purge, and platform tickets were questioned when held by long-haired scruffs with camera bags.  I countered that policy by buying a day return to Tilehurst, Earley or Twyford (I considered Reading West might be viewed as taking the mickey).

Here are five views – D1013 on milk empties heading west on 7th June 1976.

W55027 and W55020 possibly substituting for a failed 3-car dmu in June 1985.

Followed by three varieties of Mendip quarry-bound freight trains.

59003 with bogie aggregates wagons in July 1987.

47082 waiting to proceed down the Berks and Hants with stone hoppers in April 1976.

47014 also westbound with an empty aggregates train in March 1976.