I have decided to remove the 1947-50 page, and set up individual pages for each of the years 1948, 1949, 1950.

They will be found now (or in the near future) at http://www.spottinglogs.co.uk/1948-2/ http://www.spottinglogs.co.uk/1949-2/ and http://www.spottinglogs.co.uk/1950-2/

The four 1947 sightings might remain here, but unless another immediate post-war spotter is discovered with copious notes, the meagre total of 4 for this year may remain for quite a while.

23 Dec 1947 Cambridge KL 8082
23 Dec 1947 Cambridge 15B 8645
24 Dec 1947 Cambridge 2B 2957
30 Dec 1947 Cambridge BOS 8658

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